Aneberries started inclusive activities in mid-2009, and its motivation was to establish a direct dialogue with the largest berry exporting companies in the country with interference in several states of the Republic, regarding matching issues, some of them mandatory for industry (phytosanitary issues and of safety among others) seeking with it integral and integral solutions as an established group that would allow its action accordingly.

In this case and once the minimum associative bases were established and determining the corporate purpose of the group to be associated, Aneberries was established in June 2010 with 15 exporters of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry (also called strawberries), companies that group A large number of independent producers.


Aneberries misión is to congregate the berries industry in a united, organized and specialized Association, protect the industry interets and reach its full potential by making it PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE.


To be the leading association, that groups the best enterprises and through its union keeps the integrity, order and reputation of the Berry mexican industry.


  • Establish and implement a differentiation and shielding scheme for active members within the organization, which establishes minimum bases around competitiveness.

  • Achieve recognition of the Association as the body that integrates the protagonists of a reliable and sustainable industry.

  • Grow and strengthen membership, including the value players in the berry industry.

  • Establish an order of government and a professional and capable professional structure to meet the expectations and needs of the partners that will make up the Association.

  • Generate membership value.

Since then and to date, Aneberries has been working to establish links between its members and its national or international market, the most interesting being that of the United States and Europe, without leaving aside the Asian market, which is also intended to conquer.

  • In recent years it has given a unique business opportunity for producers, marketers and self-service stores.

  • In Mexico it represents 5% in volume (Tons.), But 11% in revenue.

  • Mexico has the best natural environments to produce in the world with harvest from October to June, producing for North America and Europe.

  • More companies are getting involved to generate volume, in addition to investing in the development of new varieties, diversifying the offer and generating more volume.

  • Mexico fills the windows of winter market in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

  • It is diversifying into new areas of the country.

  • It is generating a new and competitive offer of quality in new production areas.

  • It is an example of production planning to find market opportunities.

  • Although Mexico is still a relatively small competitor, practices have been learned to produce and export from September to May.

  • The growth conditions are diverse but at the same time constant, which generates a reliable and quality offer.

  • The newest blueberry varieties are being planted and production begins.

  • Varieties are being developed locally.

  • Mexico generates 30% of the global export volume. When buyers think of blackberries, they naturally think of Mexico.

  • There are unique quality conditions on offer to produce from autumn to spring, being recognized in North America and Europe.

  • With more than accelerated production growth, now the focus is to improve efficiencies and consistency in quality.

  • New and unique varieties are being generated with flavor profiles that will transform the blackberry offer.

What is happening in Mexico?

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